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B-Complex Vitamins

B vitamins are frequently exhausted by anxiety and stress. These important vitamins aid the brain in maintaining proper function.



An amino acid that crosses the blood-brain barrier (and therefore interacts directly with the brain). Clinically proven to reduce mental and physical stress.



Interacts with the body's GABA-A receptor, which has a mildly sedative effect. In addition, interferes with the brain's reuptake of adenosine A1, which diminishes muscle tension and many of the other physical manifestations of anxiety.



A neurotransmitter that mediates between excitation and inhibition in the brain. Reduced levels of this important compound lead directly to excessive mental excitation, which is also known as anxiety. Increased GABA levels directly reduce anxiety.



An adaptogen, which helps the body to adapt to and diminish the physical and mental manifestations of anxiety.


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Alpranax also contains Passion Flower, St. John's Wort and other compounds to help you calm your body and ease your mind. Try Alpranax today!


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How Does Alpranax Work?

Anxiety affects your entire body. Over time, chronic anxiety can lower your immune response, cause cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure or heart attack, cause gastroesophageal reflux, cause skin outbreaks and even lower fertility.

In order to combat the systemic effects of anxiety, Alpranax has a gentle but powerful formula that affects the entire body. The blend of botanicals and neuroactive compounds in Alpranax work directly on both the mind and the body to reduce and diminish the symptoms of stress. Alpranax actually helps to prevent each of the following symptoms of anxiety:

  • Accelerated heartbeat
  • Tension headache
  • Stiffness in the neck and shoulders
  • Cloudy, unfocused mind
  • Upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea
  • Tension, frustration and worry

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